Séminaire « Business as usual in financial markets? The creation of incommensurables as institutional maintenance work » – 2 octobre 2015

Axe 2 "TIC, usages et communautés" et axe 4 "Territoires, systèmes techniques et usages sociaux"
Quand ? Le 02-10-2015,
de 10:00 à 12:00
Où ? salle 009
Participants Isabelle HUAULT
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Séminaire invité commun GREDEG MSHS Sud-Est (axe 2 et 4) vendredi 2 octobre, de 10 h à 12h, en salle 009.

Intervenants : Isabelle HUAULT (professeur en gestion à l’université Paris-Dauphine) et Hélène RAINELLI-WEISS  (professeur en gestion à l’université de Strasbourg)

Résumé :

This paper aims to contribute to the emerging literature on ‘institutional maintenance work’. Focusing on a type of institutional transformation that can be envisioned as a commensuration attempt, it enriches the description and analysis of the specific institutional maintenance work performed by powerful actors who engage in resistance against what they perceive as a threat to their discretion. Built on an in-depth qualitative study, our case concerns a change in the pricing mechanism of overthe- counter markets as part of a recent financial reform. It examines the way powerful actors put up fierce resistance to maintain institutions disrupted by changes they are not willing to adapt to. The paper develops the expanding literature on the maintenance of institutions by suggesting, in particular, that the creation of incommensurables should be added to the list of strategies used by powerful incumbents to resist institutional change