Conférence « Thinking with the body » – 14 mai 2019

Quand ? Le 14-05-2019,
de 14:00 à 17:00
Où ? Salle 128 - MSHS
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Dans le cadre de l’axe 2, une conférence donnée par David KIRSH vous est proposée le mardi 14 mai, à 14h, en salle 128 à a MSHS.

Résumé :

Cognition and theory of interactivity
I will present a new theory of interactivity based on more ecological ideas related to situated and embodied cognition.  The history of thinking about interactivity in human computer interaction made its first advance with the articulation of direct manipulation.  I explore this idea in detail, especially how it relates to the transparent use of tools.  Technology, however, has advanced beyond direct manipulation with the development of ubiquitous context aware systems which work with hundreds of sensors and actuators that human agents are usually unaware of.  This means we cannot work with them in a direct manipulation way.  We are part of a broader network of interaction where we play a  role but we don’t where all the parts we interact with are, what they are capturing, how they are responding and so forth.  And yet we do interact with these systems in some manner.  I offer a theory of this second type of interaction – network interaction – and develop a theory of implicit interaction to explain how we can lack explicit knowledge and explicit intention / agency and yet still interact.  Implicit interaction also applies to some contexts of direct manipulation.  A more radical theory, however, is required if we are to explain how humans interact with architecture, and among themselves when interacting socially or in joint interaction.  I call this embodied ecological interaction and offer an account of how it differs from the other types of interaction and will need researchers in HCI to expand their ideas to accommodate even more natural forms of interaction that are universally present among humans.

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