Conférence « Human Robot Interaction » – 17 mai 2019

Quand ? Le 17-05-2019,
de 14:00 à 15:00
Où ? Forum SophiaTech
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De 14h à 15h, au Forum SophiaTech, aura lieu la suite de la conférence de David Hirsh donnée le 14 mai.

Résumé :

This essay has three parts. In Part 1, I review six biases that frame the way architects and HCI practitioners think about their design problems. These arise from differences between working on procedurally complex tasks in peripersonal space like writing or sketching and being immersed in larger physical spaces where we dwell and engage in body-sized activity like sitting, chatting, moving about. In part 2, I explore three types of interface: classical HCI, network interfaces like context aware systems, and socioecological interfaces. An interface for an architect is a niche that includes the very people who interact with it. In HCI people are still distinct from the interface. Because of this difference, architectural conceptions may be a fertile playground for HCI. The same
holds for interactivity. In part 3, I discuss why interactivity in HCI is symmetric and transitive. Only in ecological and social interaction is it also reflexive. In ecological interfaces people co-create bubbles of joint awareness where they share highly situated
values, experience and knowledge.

KEYWORDS: Interactivity, interface, direct manipulation, networked interaction, embodied interaction, ecological interfaces, architecture, control transparency, seeing through, control effectiveness, joint activity.