Colloque international « Comparing and Combining Disciplinary Approaches to Migration Issues : The Perspectives of Law and Social Sciences » – 28 au 30 juin 2018

Quand ? Du 28-06-2018 à 14:30
au 30-06-2018 à 12:00
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This international conference aims to initiate a dialogue between disciplines in the field of migration studies, by sharing and comparing approaches from sociology, political science and law. Although these disciplines commonly draw on the same concepts, they are often used in different ways or to refer to different phenomena.
The conference is an opportunity to discuss discordances, divergences and similarities
between disciplinary approaches to migration and integration issues.
The objective is not only to critically compare disciplinary perspectives but also to examine whether (and how) they can be combined to create a renewed interdisciplinary approach to these issues.

Ce colloque rattaché à l’axe 3 de la MSHS Sud-Est est financé par l’Académie 5 IDEX.

Dates : 28 juin, de 14h30 à 17h, salle 031; 29 et 30 juin, salle 128 à la MSHS.

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